How to change the bulb on your Sawyers Rotomatic Slide projector.

The procedure is similar for changing the bulb on a Minolta slide projector or a GAF projector or even the less common Nikkormat projector.

First, find out what's the right projector bulb for your slide projector. Often you will find the bulb name on the back of the projector beneath the power switch. Sometimes the bulb model will be printed on an serial number plate on the bottom.

Most of the projectors we're talking about will use either the DAK bulb or the DYY/EGH bulb.

The DAK bulb is a 500-watt projector bulb that looks like an old radio tube (remember those?) Such bulbs were made by GE, Sylvania, Westinghouse but now we've got about the only brand still in existence - EIKO bulbs.

First you've got to get the top off your Sawyers projector. On the 600 series and the 700 series, you lift up the top cover as shown here.

Make sure the projector is not plugged into the power supply.

There's no latch. Just put your finger tips under the ridge and pull up. Note how the cover slips under the ridge on the right side, so you'll be able to replace it.

Most bulbs look like this from the top. The blue dome is the bulb. The top of the bulb is usually painted or coated to keep light from shining out the top of the projector. It may be black or gold colored instead of blue, and occasionally we still see one that doesn't have any color at all on the glass.

Grasp the top of the bulb and pull it straight up. Do not twist it at all!

If you're in the slightest bit nervous, put on a work glove.

The bulb should come out with only a few pounds of effort, and the base should come out intact. Now you'll see this:

This is close to life size. If you don't see something like this, chances are the bulb is broken and the base is still stuck in the socket.

Look at the center hole in the socket at the right. Do you see there is a "key way" to make sure you orient the bulb facing the right way?

When you insert the new bulb, rotate it gently until the tag on the bulb base drops into the key way of the socket. Then press it firmly, straight down into the socket.

We recommend you use a glove to avoid getting skin oils on the bulb - they make it burn out faster.

Some projectors use the 2-pin FBG/FBD quartz bulb, which looks like this. Variations of this bulb may have a longer tube which doesn't swell at the top. They are full interchangeable. You remove them by pulling straight out. Caution - be sure the bulb is cold before removing it.

Use gloves or a cloth to avoid getting oil from your skin on the new bulb.

Here's how to order


Most models use either the DAK/DAY/DAT bulb or the DYY/EGH bulb. At the time of manufacture, the DYY/EGH was found only on the more expensive models.

This is the DAY/DAK/DAT shape.

About the color on the top of the bulb: may be black, blue or gold. This is just to keep light from shining out the top of the projector, and manufacturers have used different colors and materials. It doesn't really matter.

We recommend the halogen DYY/EGH bulb - it's better and now costs less. DAY/DAK bulb. 500 Watts, 120 volts. For most Sawyers and many other slide projectors.

Here's how to order the older DAY/DAK bulb

DYY/EGH bulb 500 watt 120 volt. Fits Sawyers 707, 747AQ, many other slide projectors made by Sawyers and other such as Minolta, Nikkormat.

Some bulbs of this designation look different. The base is the same but the bulb envelope is more rounded. Either type has the same performance.

Here's how to order the more advanced replacement bulb, the DYY/EGH.