Photos from your cell phone

Look for the following features in a cell phone with camera, if you'd like to make prints from time to time.

  • At least one megapixel image sensor (more is better)
  • A lens that is protected from dirt and dust
  • Flash system (usually the ones built into cameras are a joke; mine recommends a maximum distance of 12" from camera to subject!)
  • Removable memory card or other proven method to get the photos out of the phone.

Before you start taking photos, buy a removable memory card. We've got the most popular sizes in stock.

Using your phone's set up menu, you can select both the size of photos and where they get stored. Set your phone to take the largest size photos it can, and choose "memory card" as the place to store your photos.

If you took important photos before you bought your memory card, they will have been stored in your cell phone's small internal memory.

How to move your pictures from your phone to a memory card


If you've taken pictures that have been saved to your phone, it's easy to move them onto the memory card and free up memory for future photo opportunities.

Depending on your phone model, there may be more (or less) steps to move your media.

Step 1: Access your phone's album to view the pictures you've taken with your phone.

Step 2: Select each of the pictures you wish to move to your media card.

Step 3: After your pictures are selected, choose "Move" from the menu to move them to the memory card.


Transferring pictures from your memory card

Once your pictures have been transferred to the memory card you can remove the card from the phone and use it with any memory card reader through a USB connection and port.

Chris' Camera Center now offers user-friendly kiosks that allow you to use your memory card to transfer and print pictures. Using a kiosk will provide you with instant, professional prints. Itís as easy as inserting the memory card into the front of the kiosk. Easy-to-follow instructions will walk you through the rest.

The great thing about using a print kiosk is that it enables you to edit your pictures before printing. Kiosk software typically includes features to crop, adjust color and contrast, remove red-eye and also add creative touches like boarders and text.