passport photos for Canadian passport, Canadian citizens need passport photos with Canadian specificationsCanadian Passport Photos from Chris' Camera Center South

Passport photos that meet the exact specifications!  

Photo requirements for Canadian passports are substantially different from the US requirements, and it is difficult to produce photos that consistently pass. We take photos that will meet those requirements.

Maximum size for a Canadian passport photo is 70mm high by 50mm wide. US passport photos are 2"x2"

The required dimension of the head in a Canadian passport photo is a little bigger than for the US. (Not less than 31mm nor more than 36mm from chin to "natural crown of the head")

The photographer (that's us) has to put his name and address on the back of 1 of the photos. We also put the date that the picture is taken on the back.

A guarantor has to certify that it's a true likeness of the applicant. We are not the guarantor.

The guarantor has to be a person who has known the applicant for at least two years, and the guarantor also must meet these requirements:

  1. Be a Canadian citizen residing in Canada and must be accessible to Passport Canada for verification. (if the applicant lives in the USA, see our note at the end of this section)
  2. Have known you personally for at least two years
  3. Be one of the following:
    * Chiropractor
    * Dentist
    * Geoscientist
    * Judge
    * Lawyer (member of a provincial bar association), notary in Quebec
    * Magistrate
    * Mayor
    * Medical doctor
    * Minister of religion authorized under provincial law to perform marriages
    * Notary public
    * Optometrist
    * Pharmacist
    * Police officer (municipal, provincial or RCMP)
    * Postmaster
    * Principal of a primary or secondary school
    * Professional accountant (APA, CA, CGA, CMA, PA, RPA)
    * Professional engineer (P.Eng., Eng. in Quebec)
    * Senior administrator in a community college (includes CEGEPs)
    * Senior administrator or teacher in a university
    * Veterinarian

(note: Canadian citizens living in the US can have a guarantor who is a US citizen; here's a link to further information)

We charge $30.00 for a set of 2 Canadian passport photos. Additional copies made at the same time are only $5 per pair.

No appointment is necessary for ID photos. If you are at the store 30 minutes before closing time, you can have your photos while you wait (about 20 minutes). If you live in Augusta, Georgia, you should know we're only about 20 minutes away.

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