Yes, we do take excellent late model cameras in trade. But once a year we have a special buying event.

Would you rather have a closet full of obsolete camera gear or some money?

We've invited the professional buyers who are most likely to want the old stuff to help you empty those closets.

Chris' Camera Center will host a HUGE buying event on Thursday, April 21 and Friday, April 22nd.

10 am until 5 pm. Don't wait until the last minute.

PhotoPro will be buying your used photo gear, film and digital, at top market prices.

Who is PhotoPro? When there was a recent change of personnel at KEH, a chief buyer went to Photo Pro and established a better buying organization. They're interested in a wider range of gear.

Your professional lighting gear and accessories are more valuable now.

There's no obligation. If you don't like the offer they make, don't take it!

But if you do sell them something and choose to spend that money in our store, you will receive an extra 5% allowance and that trade will come off before sales tax, meaning your old camera is worth another 13% towards the purchase of something more modern.

Chris himself is looking for a few specific models of Canon small digital cameras: G-9 and G-10 models

Disclaimer: Just because a camera is old doesn't mean it is a valuable collectible. There is no market for most Polaroid cameras or movie cameras, because nobody wants to buy them. Small digital cameras or point and shoot film cameras have almost no value. Even perfectly good 35mm reflex cameras don't have much value because few people want to buy them!