Choosing the program that opens your image files

If  you have 3 or 4 programs on your computer that could open pictures – how do you choose which one does?

Using the Windows program “My Computer,” navigate to a photo file – that’s usually one with the extension “.jpg.”

Right-click on the name of the file. A menu will open.

Select “open with” and another menu opens

Select “choose program” at the bottom.

When you decide on a program, fill in the box that says “always use the selected program to open this type of file” and that is your new default picture program.. You can always open a photo with any other program when you prefer.

Great Photo Prints from Digital

You can make good prints at home with a photo-quality ink jet printer by using special photo-quality paper, although those home prints usually fade faster than “real” photos.

It’s fun to print your own photos, but you’ll get consistently better photos at a lower price by bringing them to us.