How to change the bulb on your Kodak Carousel Slide projector.

Kodak Carousel 500 needs a DEK bulbThere have been several series of Kodak Carousel projectors and and bulb changing procedure is different for each series.

First-generation models, the Carousel 500 and 550 projectors, use a DEK bulb that looks like an old radio tube. Trivia - this is the model that Dan Draper called a "Time Machine" in the TV series Mad Men

First, find out what's the right projector bulb for your slide projector. Often you will find the bulb name on the back of the projector beneath the power switch. Sometimes the bulb model will be printed on an serial number plate on the bottom. (You can get the right projection lamp from us)

The DEK bulb is a 500-watt projector bulb that looks like an old radio tube (remember those?) Such bulbs were made by GE, Sylvania, Westinghouse but now we've got about the only brand still in existence - EIKO bulbs.

changing the lamp on a Kodak Carousel Slide Projector Kodak Carousels model 600, 650, 700, 750, 800 and 850 look much more sleek but use the same bulbs.

First you've got to turn over your Kodak Carousel slide projector.

Make sure the projector is not plugged into the power supply.

Let the projector cool down, bulbs can hurt you because they are so hot.

The following instruction are for models 600 through 860.

Most projectors have a plate on the bottom which tells you the 3-letter code of the preferred bulb. There is a large silver screw on the bottom which can be loosened with your fingers or a coin.
Models using the DEK and CBA (pictured above) may have an ejector lever. Since your projector may have been sitting for years, the lever may be stiff. When you push the lever like this the bulb should pop up a little bit. If not you'll have to wiggle it a little. Do not try to rotate the bulb!
Here's a view of the socket. Note that the center hole has a key way, and the base of the bulb has a matching key so you've got to line everything up. Don't touch the glass with your fingers, or be sure to wipe it off. The oil from your fingertips can shorten lamp life. Press the bulb in firmly.

Carousel Models 600H through 860H use a halogen bulb with a reflector - the bulbs look like a little radar disk.

The wire loop holding the bulb in place gets pushed down and moved a little to the right, freeing it. As you lift the wire loop it cams the bulb up and out of its base.
As you lift the wire loop it cams the bulb up and out of its base. Line the new bulb up carefully and slide it down into place.

let the projector cool down, hot bulbs can give you a serious burn.

Latch it back in place with the wire loop.

For a complete instruction manual about Carousel projectors, click here


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