Take a tip from a Certified Photographic Consultant … There’s a lot more to digital cameras than just megapixels!

Truth be told, megapixels are greatly over-rated.

A pixel is a picture element - the smallest dot or bit of information that makes up a photo.

A megapixel is a million of them.

Megapixels just measure the number of little dots that make up your digital photos, and anything more than 3 megapixels is enough to make good-looking 11” x 14” enlargement.

Why would you need more?

  • Photos with lots of faces, like a big group of people, look better with at least 6 megapixels
  • Highly detailed landscapes or technical photos
  • Photos where you weren't close enough to the subject to fill up the frame, so you have to do a lot of cropping.

In fact, for use on a computer only, or for prints up to 4”x6”, 1 megapixel would be plenty! 2 megapixels will make a good 8"x10"  enlargement. Here’s what I think is more important in choosing a good digital camera:

  • a really good lens makes for great photographs.
  • An excellent color imaging chip
  • A well manufactured, comfortable to hold camera body.
  • A company that stands behind their product.

We’ve sold a lot of cameras, and regard Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, and Pentax as the very best, both for making pictures and standing behind their products.