Prints as big as all outdoors - make great prints from your panoramic images

How can I make big prints from my panoramic digital images

There are lots of ways to create a really wide image, but until it's on paper and hanging on a wall you can't realize its impact. Martin Falmlen composited the image above in Adobe Photo Shop, working from 8 separate photos. We printed it for him and you can see a copy at Chris' Camera Center downtown in Aiken any time.


Chris Lydle made the group photo above just by cropping the top and bottom of a single digital image.

In Aiken South Carolina there's a custom photo lab that can make your wide images real.

What makes a panoramic picture special? The really wide aspect ratio. Ordinary photos are usually about 1.5 times as wide as they are tall, but panoramas are 3 - 4 - 5 times as wide as they are tall. Our custom prints are as expansive as your vision.

Order panoramic prints online or bring them to our store, where a specialist will help you get exactly what you want! We can make any size you want up to 44" by 220"

Our cost for custom panoramic prints (and yes, we can make any other size you want):

Size aspect ratio 1st print
44" x 220" 5 to 1 $509.17
24" x 96" 4 to 1 $125.00
12" x 36" 3 to 1 $27.50
4" X 12" 3 to 1 $1.49
8" x 24" 3 to 1


8" x 36" 6 to 1 $27.50
8" x 48" 6 to 1 $27.50
12" x 30" 2.5 to 1 $24.99
12" x 48" 4 to 1 $36.99