Preparation makes your Passport Passport photos guaranteed in Aiken South CarolinaPhotos
even better

How to make your visit fast and easy:

1. Bring in all relevant paperwork
2. Do not wear a white shirt, blouse or jacket
3. Read all the instructions below

APPOINTMENTS - Not required. Just come into the store and we will take your photo as soon as possible, usually in under 5 minutes.

GETTING THE PHOTOS - In most cases they are ready in about 10 minutes. More time may be required if they are a special size or multiple sizes are required. If your photos are taken late in the day they may not be ready until the next morning that we are open.

HOW MANY PHOTOS - You will receive 2 color photos that are identical in size. Extra copies are available at a reduced cost of $5 per pair.


  • To download an application form, please click here 
  • To download the form to renew a passport by mail click here
  • Or, forms can be obtained from any passport agency or acceptance facility (such as Aiken main Post Office.)

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR - Because a white background is required, it is strongly recommended that you do NOT wear a white blouse, shirt, or jacket. All other colors are acceptable.

OTHER PHOTOS - We can take photos for almost every other identification requirement. For example: visas, foreign citizenship, gun registry, HandyDart, educational applications, etc. However, you MUST bring along the application forms as photo sizes, signature and stamp and placement requirements are not all the same.

BABIES & SMALL CHILDREN - Yes, we do take these. There is a slight additional charge for children under 4 years of age, as extra work is required to make sure that their photos are acceptable to the passport office.

FACIAL EXPRESSION - Open-mouthed smiles showing your teeth are not allowed in US and most other identification photos. The face must have a relaxed, neutral expression.

GLASSES - We strongly suggest that glasses not be worn when the photo is taken, because glare can cause rejection.

REJECTED PHOTOS - If we have taken the photo, chances are that it will not be rejected, as we make sure that they meet application standards. If they are rejected we will retake them at no charge.

YOUR APPEARANCE - Try to dress, comb your hair, trim beard, etc as you will when you are traveling. The closer you look to your photo, the less problems you will have.

I suggest you dress somewhat formally and conservatively, because the people who examine your passport tend to be pretty conservative. There are countries where dress that is too casual or revealing can get you into trouble, so make sure the passport photo - which you'll be using for the next 10 years - is somewhat stodgy!