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Here's how most of the world "archives" their photographs. Not bad, as far as it goes.

Of course, if you've got a half-dozen or so shoe boxes full of   pictures, it gets kind of unwieldy. Not very easy to share them, either. Maybe you've said "I've got to scan my photos" but got discouraged by the time it takes. Yet photo archiving is important.

scan your photos and put them on CD or DVDWe'll turn a whole shoe box full of photos (up to 250 prints) into a convenient Photo CD or DVD for just $59.99. It's our new "everyday scan" service. Fast, inexpensive digitization of prints so you can share them or even make more prints. Just think of it - you could turn one shoe box into two! Or more.

CDs and DVDs are a lot more convenient, and they make great gifts. Now you can turn a lifetime of photos into a convenient disk, and make extra copies for all the children and grandchildren. Maybe even an extra copy for the Smithsonian Institute photo archives.

Everyday scanning charges, for bulk orders:

  • "trial special" - up to 50 photos, on a CD, $24.99

  • Up to 100 photos, including CD or DVD: $39.99

  • Up to 250 photos, including CD or DVD: $59.99

  • Up to 500 photos, including CD or DVD: $99.99

  • duplicate CDs $4.99 each

  • duplicate DVDs $9.99 each

You don't have to count out exactly 50 or 100 photos. We'll bill you a pro-rata for quantities in between standard "break points."

Your photos never leave our store. We don't ship them out.

Photos for bulk scanning orders must be unmounted, not torn or bent, no smaller than wallet size or larger than 8" x 10"

This service is for the scanning of prints, not slides.

Of course we still offer our custom individual scanning services when appropriate - for example, if large reprints might be wanted.

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