reels.jpg (51135 bytes)Are your home movies and those family slides just sitting in the closet?

Movies are awkward. You have to dig out the projector, set up a screen. Then after the popcorn is popped and everyone's comfy, your projector bulb blows.

Let us transfer your home movies - slides and prints, too - onto convenient and archival DVDs.

In our video transfer laboratory, your original movies are not actually “changed” - even though we often call it video transfer. We'll scan your movies frame-by-frame for ultra-high quality. Much better than it was just a few years ago

The film is scanned with an electronic scanner that makes a high-quality video image. Other than splicing, cleaning and lubricating, nothing else is done to your original movies.

Pricing: The cost for the first tape made from 8mm or Super 8mm movies is based on the footage of your original movies.

Our transfer lab will splice your small reels of film together onto larger reels, clean the film, and insert an opening title without extra charge.

We charge .18 for each foot of film (minimum 200’) for the transfer operation. There’s also a $34.99 fee for each master DVD. Just about all of what you pay is for expertise and labor, the actual materials cost is small.

About 1400 feet of 8mm film can be mastered onto 1 DVD disk.

Extra copies of your DVD are only $9.99 each.

And you need make DVDs from slides, scan 35mm slides to DVDnever break out that slide projector again. We’ll turn your slides into a DVD slide show!

Let our experts scan and digitize your slides. We’ll then provide you with a DVD of all your images, good enough to make prints as big as 8x10 or 11x14.

35mm slides are scanned at 2000 by 3000 pixels (6 megapixels) so that you can make sharp prints if you ever want to.

Both products for one low price, and the heavy-duty DVD case is a lot easier to store than your old slide trays.

Only $89.99 for the first 100 slides, and 79˘ for each additional slide.

Additional copies are only $9.99 for each data DVD.

We can also make DVD slide shows that will fit your TV's DVD player.